Sunday, April 22, 2012

Avocado Banana Ice Cream

I had friends coming over this evening who are being especially careful with their diets, and I am trying to get back on track to healthier eating for our family, so I felt inspired to give this recipe a try:

It sounded a little crazy, but I've fed the baby avocado and banana together many times, and he's loved it, so I went for it.  I didn't end up quite following the recipe.  I wanted to go dairy-free because of one of the little girls who was coming, but I didn't have any soy or nut milk or anything in the house, so I thought I'd give coconut milk a try.
So, adjusted from the recipe, I used:
2 avocados
3 ripe bananas (cut into chunks and frozen ahead of time)
2 tsp vanilla
1 can of coconut milk
1 cup sugar (I'd be curious to play around with this a bit more.  The end product tasted really good but would be even healthier if this was cut or replaced with something.)

Then, just followed the directions she mentioned and put them all in a blender, and I had "ice cream."  To be clear, as a person unhealthily attached to ice cream, it really needs to have a slightly different expectation, but it was creamy and yummy and a satisfying and healthy dessert!

Joy Dare
Monday, April 16
#312  a quick healing for my son's cough
#313  getting to know a sweet new friend who is loving on my kids
#314  messes made in the process of creativity and fun by my boys

Tuesday, April 17
#315  a gorgeous sunny day and soaking up outdoor treasures at a park
#316  a son having an awareness of moods and emotions and a desire to process them and growing in expressing them
#317  opening my email as the chaos as mess settles for a moment for naps to find my Holy Experience email with the subject "what to really hold onto in this glorious mess"
#318  glorious mess
#319  having had a cleaning service for the season I had them!

Wednesday, April 18
#320  my baby taking a nap away from home while I needed to have a meeting
#321  good fellowship with women seeking the Lord together
#322  a comfortable home to relax in for the evening

Thursday, April 19
#323  checking out the new flower buds on the plants around our complex
#324  rest time in the middle of the day
#325  remembering once again that God knows my baby and what he needs, even when I struggle to understand him or how to meet his needs

Friday, April 20
#326  my baby's enjoyment and affinity for music
#327  a great playdate with new friends
#328  chances for the boys to get dirty

Saturday, April 21
#329  my son's first day of t-ball--so fun for all of us!
#330  new shoes for the kids have always had the shoes they need
#331  a couple good nights of sleep for the boys and the hope of new patterns!
#332  alone time for the evening

Sunday, April 22
#333  my baby enjoying worship time with us at the Vineyard this morning
#334  a few days in a row of good sleep emerging for the baby!!!
#335  a yummy meal prepared by my husband on our new grill


Monday, April 16, 2012

Joy Dare
Monday, April 9
#290  post-nap sleepy cuddle time with my baby
#291  letting go of control even when I really don't want to
#292  kids who are healthy and learning and growing so much

Tuesday, April 10
#293  taking a little extra time getting my son settled for quiet time to have some cuddles and hear his sweet, sensitive little heart
#294  spontaneous music, dancing, noise making
#295  learning about other cultures and the amazing beauty and diversity God created in nations

Wednesday, April 11
#296  new flowers around our complex
#297  hearing my son tell his baby brother that they will be friends forever
#298  a smooth and unhurried trip to the store with the boys, playing in the floor model lawn furniture

Thursday, April 12
#299  Second (and third and fourth) chances!
#300  Messy painting together
#301  My husband's listening ear

Friday, April 13
#302  Help with the kids so that I could take a rest while not feeling well
#303  Learning to be free to rest!
#304  An actual thunderstorm here!
#305  Leftovers to make dinner easy

Saturday, April 14
#306  family time at the park
#307  running and being silly with my son
#308  fellowship with good girl friends to celebrate a dear friend's birthday

Sunday, April 15
#309  skype with my parents
#310  husband breaking in our grill with delicious dinner
#311  skype with close friends in Nepal and seeing amazing things God is doing with their lives and work

Monday, April 9, 2012

Joy Dare

Ok, so another rather failed week for really tuning in and recording the daily graces (March 26 to April 1)!
One major thing stands out in my mind that I am so grateful for, and that is the Re:flect experience that some folks at our church community set up as an interactive, reflective experience around Jesus' last week on earth.  We went through it as the mothers' prayer group that meets together on Wednesdays, and it was just so powerful!  I am thankful for the time and space set aside to just be quiet and meet with God!  I am thankful for the reminder that HE is what I truly need!  And for the truth that HE (and not just more of me) is what my kids truly need as well!  I am so humbled and grateful for the amazing reminder of the sacrifice of Christ that is why grace even exists!

So, moving forward in grace from a dropped week but embracing a renewed sense of grace...
Monday, April 2
#264  A little playmate/buddy for my baby boy
#265  A peaceful going to bed for the babysitter
#266  Hard challenges pointing out weaknesses to stretch me and shape me

Tuesday, April 3
#267  Learning to let go of control; little victories
#268  My son being such an eager learner
#269  Decreasing drama for diaper changes with the baby

Wednesday, April 4
#270  An amazing spontaneous song crafted by my son about David and Goliath
#271  An honest and vulnerable testimony from a fellow young mom
#272  A quiet evening at home with my husband

Thursday, April 5
#273 Washing my son's feet
#274  Having a mini "Last Supper" with my husband and son
#275  The example of Christ to lay down His own will before the Father and the fresh chance to do that daily, even in each new moment.
#276  My son's excitement for these things, this story...Isaiah is curious and seeking to know and understand and so excited about experiencing it all!

Friday, April 6
#277  Boys catching up on needed rest
#278 Sharing a Cinnabon with my boys and remembering my dear grandma
#279  God adjusting my eyes to see hurts behind behaviors that frustrate me
#280  The sacrifice of Christ to lay down His life and take on my punishment, my burden!  

Saturday, April 7
#281  Friends to celebrate with
#282  Moments to humble me and see that who I am affects my children more than how I instruct them
#283  Perspective at the end of the day to embrace a deep, deep gratitude that Holy Week has been met with eager, lit-up curiosity by my son, so dying eggs not going well is not really such a big deal!  Letting go of the little things to see what really matters!

Sunday, April 8
#284  He conquered death!
#285  Resurrection power over the things that seem dead in our lives!
#286  Grace to be able to let go of being "right" and be restored
#287  Peace while preparing for guests
#288  A fun gathering in our home to celebrate Resurrection Day together with many far from families
#289  My whole family enjoying the party