Friday, November 21, 2008

New Developments

First of all, the biggie...drum roll, please...nearly nine hours of sleep in a row last night! For the little guy, I mean. Not me. I woke up multiple times because it seemed like such a long stretch. He actually seemed like he was waking up about an hour and a half before that (which still would have been a long stretch!), so I quickly went to the bathroom before heading in to nurse him, but when I came out of the bathroom, he had fallen back asleep! So, he went to bed at 8:00 and didn't really wake up to nurse until 4:50. And then, he went back to sleep again until 8:10! Wow! Hope he's not sick or something! :)
Other exciting developments:
He continues to discover his hands. He had been playing with one hand at a time and putting it in his mouth (often gagging himself because he wanted the whole hand in at once). Just in the last couple of days, he has started to rub his hands together and play with his hands together. It's pretty fun to watch.
He also continues to chatter and giggle much more, which is SO fun.
Less than exciting developments:
Pinching. Need I say more? Not so fun.


There is a difference between advice and counsel. Advice is someone telling you what you should do, and I think is often based on little else beyond opinion. Counsel offers insight into your situation and wisdom about life; it is guiding and points you toward wise principles beyond just the current decision.
For counsel, I am so very grateful. For advice, not so much. West Los Angeles has a mostly younger demographic, and I often feel a loss and longing to be surrounded by wisdom that is gained by those who have walked through more of life and who have faithfully seen the hand of God through many seasons. Most of the parenting and life "resources" (books, classes, support groups, etc.) here feel like they are from people who have barely gained more experience or perspective than I have myself and who haven't even seen the fruit of their theories play out.
I am so thankful today (always, really, but am thinking of it especially today) for my friend Rebecca out here. She has walked through more of life than I have. She has sought and continues to seek the fullness of God in her life and in the life of her family. She shares principles and truth about life and wisdom gained from walking through seasons of life. When I talk about life with her, I feel such encouragement and peace about not only what is at hand but what lies ahead. God is faithful. And, I'm especially thankful for those He works through to give wise counsel!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Day

Today was the first day since Isaiah was born that I wore (without other things holding them together) a regular, pre-pregnancy pair of pants. They are one of my looser pairs, but they are still non-elastic waistband, zipper and buttons, pre-preggo pants! Big day. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

First, the Good News...

Last night, Isaiah had his longest stretch of sleep yet...just about 5 minutes short of 7 hours! :) Then, he woke up a couple times, but didn't actually wake up for the day until 10:00!
The not as good news...
When he woke up around 7:40 or so, I brought him in our bed with me. (John had already gotten up to get ready to go teach his high school youth group.) He continued to snooze until 10:00. At that time it seemed he was awake and ready to get up for the day. When I slid my hand under him to pick him up, I discovered that he had soaked all the way through his diaper, the diaper cover, his pajamas, his swaddle blanket, AND another blanket I had laid him on to leave a big wet spot on our sheets. That's a lot of pee for such a little guy! Totally worth it, though, for the sleeping in! :)

I think the little guy has actually not been feeling all that great the last couple of days. He took a pretty long nap this afternoon (which is unusual for him lately) and slept through most of the service this evening. When we got home, he was cheerful and alert like his usual self, so hopefully, he is feeling better. Would be nice if he still has a long night of sleep again!

Just a couple photos from the week...

This is an outfit from his Grandpa & Grandma Miller. This was election day actually. He was very patient with us getting him all ready and then waiting in line to vote. Can't complain about the wait compared to what a lot of people hit. Isaiah wasn't much help with the vote, though. When I asked him to raise his right hand for John McCain or his left hand for Barak Obama, he threw both arms up in the air and blew spit bubbles. But he sure looked cute! :)