Thursday, December 27, 2007

Off to India

So, I'm heading out today. Of course, I didn't pack until last night, and I'm still trying to squeeze in a thing or two today. :)

During last year's trip, both John and I got sick with colds and coughs and such due mostly toweather and environment shift. I am praying for good health for us on this trip.

I am leaving tomorrow by myself in order to attend the India National Vineyard conference, which will be held in Chennai this year. I have never been to the southern part of India, so I am looking forward to seeing a whole new part of the country. Makes it a little challenging to pack light since it is at least a consistent 40 degrees or so warmer than Dehradun this time of year. Anyway, I will fly through London (9-hr layover there) to Delhi. I will then spend the afternoonat the Coffins' home, who are dear friends that have graciously offered for me to relax and shower at their home! I will meet up that evening with friends from Dehradun, and we will all ride together on a train to Chennai (34 hours!). That makes for a long stretch of traveling for me! I do love the train, though, and it will be a funtime to connect with friends.

John will bring the team, three other wonderful people from theVineyard, a week later, and after the long train ride back to Delhi and another on to Dehradun, I will meet up with them there. We'll stay in Dehradun from Jan. 6 until Jan. 16, at which time we'll go to Delhi for a couple days. Then we'll return to LA on Jan. 19.

Here I go... :)