Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joy Dare
Monday, March 19
#234  watching my fearless baby explore the world; wonderful and a bit terrifying but so very good for me!
#235  chocolate--it really is a treat and a comfort
#236  grace from my family when dinners seem like a series of flops lately!
#237  my baby's determination to make me laugh during bedtime routine
#238  a cute conversation my son had for quite a length of time with the toy lizard

Tuesday, March 20
#239  strength to navigate today when no one had much sleep last night
#240  getting a few things cleared from the accumulated clutter
#241  smooth bedtimes
#242  being piled on by two boys  

Wednesday, March 21
#243  dinner with the group that has been meeting at our home and the connection that grew among the group
#244  my husband's effort and success at fixing our oven!
#245  God's grace for a hard day

Thursday, March 22
#246  healing for the serious dizziness I was experiencing yesterday
#247  2 Cor. 12:9--He keeps pressing this on my heart
#248  a good cry to let go at the end of the day
#249  a husband who lets me just talk about the day

Friday, March 23
#250  a walk to the park with my boys on a quiet and gray morning
#251  my son's love for even the simplest natural treasures
#252  hearing my son initiating prayer for us and his brother!
#253  watching my son plop down on a bus stop bench next to a total stranger and tell me he is just enjoying the view (trees and the park across the street) of all the wonderful things God created!
#254  ice cream with my boys
#255  talking to my dearest friend across the globe and seeing how beautifully and gracefully motherhood fits on her!

Saturday, March 24
#256  my husband taking the boys out for breakfast treats--a gift to them and a gift to me of a quiet house to catch up on a bit of sleep after a rough night
#257  a God who knows my baby and his every need when I struggle to figure it out
#258  my son requesting a Daddy date to play some baseball
#259  my son's love of cuddle time!
#260  my son's excitement over "bed reading" privileges

Sunday, March 25
#261  "The riches of Your love will always be enough" (Forever Reign)
#262  my boys feeling secure in Children's Church
#263  family wrestle/play time on the bed

Monday, March 19, 2012

Joy Dare
Monday, March 12
#207  a good music class and whatever seems to have connected for my son to really enjoy that
#208  a loving friend who loves on my kids and cares for them so well
#209  my baby's love of water/baths and his boldness to experience it fully
#210  my son's excitement about "bed reading" privileges
#211  grace for the times I fail at loving well

Tuesday, March 13
#212  God's power to set free from generational sin and unhealthy patterns
#213  my boys playing outside together--enjoying each other and simple rocks
#214  freedom from anxiety over lost sleep

Wednesday, March 14
#215  overlap in naptimes to just have quiet moments
#216  fellowship with my small group at Mothers' Prayer Group
#217  challenging study and meaningful discussion with our small group
#218  Isaiah's love of "bed reading" privileges

Thursday, March 15
#219  choosing a birthday gift for John with my son and his overwhelming excitement about the surprise he has prepared for Daddy; seeing a genuine thoughtfulness develop in him to consider what the other might like
#220  amazingly sweet communication from my son and great patience from him toward his baby brother
#221  my son attempting to make jokes and keep surprises a secret
#222  sharing my food with my kids; sometimes I wish for a plate all to myself, but I'm so thankful for boys who eat well!

Friday, March 16
#223  a loving and faithful husband and the chance to celebrate his life today on his birthday!
#224  sacrificial friends who give of themselves to bless me and my family so much!
#225  a major step in releasing control and trusting the Lord with my kids--overnight away!

Saturday, March 17
#226  a door covered in toddler art
#227  a full night of sleep last night! and nap today!
#228  an oven that usually works and options for food when it doesn't
#229  an evening to quietly poke around with a few things here at home

Sunday, March 18
#230  letting go of selfish desires and fears to embrace the privilege of caring for my kids with icky colds
#231  prayer time with a friend whose mom needs a miraculous healing from God
#232  first steps for my baby!  and the chance for my parents to witness it via skype!
#233  the passion and courage I can already see in my baby that challenges me and stretches me and grows me

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Joy Dare
Monday, March  5
#179  a really fun time at music class with my son and his pleasantly surprising level of engaging the class
#180  my son's boldness to ask a girl from class to come over
#181  stretching times will lead to growth!

Tuesday, March 6
#182  strength for the day when sleep was so minimal last night
#183  an understanding friend to extend grace to opt out of our plans when I felt it would just be pressing me and the boys too much for the afternoon
#184  my son thinks cuddles are a wonderful treat!

Wednesday, March 7
#185  God providing solutions in the midst of a chaotic morning
#186  a really fun art project time with my son and watching him get so excited about creative ideas
#187  stepping back from my stress when a mess was made and watching my boys get giddy over a bag of feathers and learning to be ok with the mess
#188  sweet and smooth bedtime with both boys

Thursday, March 8
#189  enjoying a variety of music in the car lately
#190  my son's ceaseless questions--sometimes a challenge but so amazing
#191  the baby being thoroughly delighted and trying to dance in his high chair at breakfast while his brother danced around shaking a homemade shaker; a little much noise for so early but so thankful for letting it go and starting their days with such joy

Friday, March 9
#192  my son voluntarily (and gently) pulling his baby brother close to share his space in a wagon so another boy could ride
#193  my son asking is there was anything he could do to help when baby brother was crying
#194  enjoying juicy oranges straight from a friend's tree
#195  my husband's patience and gracious assistance in all things related to technology

Saturday, March 10
#196  the privilege of celebrating a new little life coming into this world soon!
#197  a sweet time of prayer with friends for a dear friend as she prepares for her 2nd son
#198  a "scavenger hunt" walk as a family
#199  a baby who enjoys food that we are eating for dinner

Sunday, March 11
#200  baby sleeping in a bit after a rough night and still being able to make it nearly on time to the worship service this morning
#201  a challenge in the message given this morning that drives me deeper right where God is working on me
#202  a nap
#203  a family trip to a park to enjoy some time outdoors
#204  God's protection for my boys when they take falls and have bumps and accidents
#205  my husband's calm when the boys have an injury or an illness
#206  my son's view of every stick and rock as the greatest treasures he has ever discovered

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oops! Had this all saved and forgot to post it on Sunday night.

Monday, February 27
What a day for the "Joy Dare" prompt to be "ugly-beautiful" things, as it felt like a really ugly day!  
#144  being entrusted with the task of shaping little lives and hearts
#145  feeling totally inadequate for such a task and learning to embrace grace and not rely on my own strength--major work in progress!
#146  quiet time in the evening to sit and pray and be reminded of the restfulness of such
#147  finding a project and the materials to make it for our upcoming Friday to learn about Nepal
#148  a heart-wrenching and sweet apology from the son who had defied me all day long; his tender heart
#149  Romans 8:28 God works all things for good (even the ones that aren't good themselves!) for those who love HIm
#150  beauty from ashes, mourning into dancing!  His promises are true!

Tuesday, February 28
#148  healthy checkup for the baby
#149  our pediatrician--what an amazing gift!  Just the access to quality care is a privilege, but he is such an amazing doctor and person who blesses our family!
#150  redeemed relationship and interaction with my son after a rough day yesterday
#151  successful early bedtimes for both boys!
#152  ending the day cuddled on the couch, singing to my son, grinning and delighted by my affection

Wednesday, February 29
#153  connecting with the few in our small little home group
#154  a good encouragement from the study when I had dreaded even having the group tonight out of weariness
#155  the privilege of helping to facilitate the mothers' prayer group
#156  God at work in hard stuff in lives of the women in the group

Thursday, March 1
#157  the interruption of worship rehearsal by my boys enthusiastically joining in the drumming and the baby joining in with "singing"
#158  provision to go to the grocery and buy anything we need and so many things we want
#159  a cooperative trip to the grocery store
#160  the fun my son had finding "King and Kong," the monkeys TJ's had hidden in the store
#161  saying yes to my son's request to park on the very top of the parking garage when it just seems silly to me, and then watching him get excited about such a special treat!

Friday, March 2
#162  my son telling me that he asked Jesus for help in the night, and Jesus helped him!  
#163  my son absorbing something that he eagerly reported to Daddy from our heart for the nations morning, in spite of the chaos that felt so disappointing
#164  sleep for my son to refresh him at the end of a week spent very tired
#165  my husband reaching out to draw me close as I struggle with a rough end to the day with the boys

Saturday, March 3
#166  my son telling me that he asked Jesus for help in the night again, and again, Jesus helped him, so he said, Thank you, Jesus!!!
#167  a beautiful, warm, sunny morning
#168  breakfast at the beach with my boys
#169  finding some wonderful shells, much to the delight of my son
#170  boys chasing seagulls and laughing
#171  one-on-one time with my baby
#172  quiet house for a stretch at midday
#173  my son's excitement about an outing with Daddy

Sunday, March 4
#174  already seeing my sons' strengths will sharpen each other
#175  warm weather to go swimming with the boys
hard to give thanks for--
#176  the fearlessness of my baby; it is terrifying at times, but it is amazing, and I trust God will use it for His kingdom
#177  the constant questioning of my son; in my weariness, I often forget to thank God for this one, but it is amazing and beautiful to hear his thoughts and wonderings and desires to understand and know this life and world around him
#178  my husband's adaptability; it stretches me a lot, but it is really good for our family that he is so adaptable