Monday, April 28, 2008

Fat Feet!

Just got back today from a dear friend's wedding in DC. It was a great weekend and a wonderful celebration. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time standing (much of it in heels), and between that and flying and coming back to a hot day in LA, my feet and ankles are quite swollen and a bit sore! I'm really hoping that the fat feet haven't taken effect for the rest of the pregnancy! I'm telling myself it's the combination of those factors and will go away at least for awhile before returning for the duration. Hope that's true. Fat feet. :(

Monday, April 21, 2008


I have entered a phase where it seems that no part of my body any longer belongs to me! I have had a remarkably smooth and easy pregnancy so far, and any aches and such are still minor. It is just the consciousness that nothing feels quite normal. Sometimes my stomach feels like it might fall right off if I don't strap it on, and it's only going to get MUCH bigger! For the first while, I was behind average with weight gain. It wasn't cause for any concern, as it seems to be rather common on first pregnancies. When I went for my appointment last Wednesday, it would appear I am catching up--15 pounds! Baby Snowden is wiggling about right now. I can actually even see him moving!
With all the growing, it added a bit of a challenge to my dress for my dear friend's wedding. The wedding is coming up this Saturday. We had ordered the bridal party dresses online, and when mine arrived 6-7 weeks ago, it was already too small! Yikes! Not an easy alteration either, as the dress has multiple layers and curved seams. Not to mention the color--so difficult to find matching fabric! Anyway, a friend out here recommended a tailor. I just picked up the dress from him Saturday, and it fits! Fanstastic! He did a great job and charged such a low price. I told him he had no idea how big of a deal it is that he did such a great job and saved my sanity!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Movement Within

I felt little Baby Snowden move for the first time! How amazing and exciting! I may have actually felt him move last Thursday evening and again that Friday. I wasn't very sure because there are so many weird feelings right now, but last night was distinct. John and I had gone to bed for the night, and he had his hand resting on my stomach. All of the sudden, I felt this sort of light tap. I thought John had fallen asleep and his hand twitched a little or something, but he was still awake. I told him I thought I just felt the baby move, and then I felt it again! John couldn't feel it, but it was definitely not gas this time! :)
Then today after I had been walking around the grocery store for about an hour (yeah, not the world's fastest grocery shopper), I sat down in the car and called John to ask about dinner, and I felt the little one move a few times.
Again tonight while we were laying on the couch watching TV, I felt it. This time John put his hand there, and as I felt it a couple more times, John could feel it too this time! SO cool!!!
I was kind of feeling bummed before because lots of women say they have felt the baby move by this point (almost 21 weeks), and I hadn't. We just had the ultrasound yesterday, so I knew he was ok and everything. (Note the pronoun!) All of the sudden, he has clearly made his presence known, and it thrills me!
I realize I may not feel quite as enthusiastic as he gets bigger and it starts to feel like various internal organs are being kickboxed. But, it just seems like the most amazing thing in the world!
Can't wait to see and hold the little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!