Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nepal Travel Bingo Part 2

Thanks to my friend Tom, I got a few more images and inspiration for a second card for our bingo.  Isaiah already told John right away today at lunch about our plan to play our game, so everybody seems excited! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nepal Travel Bingo

We decided that we're going to go to Pokhara this week!  It is a major Hindu holiday now in Nepal called Dashain.  It is probably the biggest celebration of all holidays (and there are many!) here.  The festival is 15 days long, and the biggest days hit this week, especially the day called Bhai Tika.  Most Nepalis travel to be with their families during this time, and nearly all things close down for several days.

With time off from the office and the weather and views this time of year, it seemed like a good opportunity to go to Pokhara, which is a place we definitely want to see while we're here, as it supposed to be quite lovely, and it is nice to get out of the Kathmandu Valley for some time.

We'll be taking a bus to get to Pokhara, and depending on who you ask, the trip takes somewhere between 5 and 8 hours.  That is long.  With a preschooler and VERY active toddler, that is REALLY long.  But, I really do not want to just plug them into some sort of electronics, as it is also a chance to see a lot of great scenes of Nepal.  So, I decided, among other things, to make a little Nepal Travel Bingo to play as we go and make a game out of the sights we'll see.

For any who might wonder what kinds of things we might expect to see, I'm attaching the card I made here.  Isaiah got up from nap as I was working on it and insisted on adding a few very unlikely items, such as a fish and a turtle, but the rest of these are highly likely for us to see...many countless times!  Enjoy. :)