Monday, June 18, 2012

Joy Dare
May 28 to June 9
#408  I am so thankful that, while I've been getting quite behind in recording them, I feel like the practice of gratitude, of recognizing gifts in moments all around me, is taking root in my heart and reshaping me, slowly but surely!
#409  Finally out there--our amazing journey ahead--the opportunity to move to Nepal and work there with amazing people doing amazing kingdom things!  SO excited and thankful for this journey ahead for our family!!!
#410  Encouragement, counsel, and support from many dear friends and family through the process of making decisions about our choices ahead and sharing in our excitement as we now step out in these choices!
#411  New friends for Isaiah to play with that are just sweet and brave and wonderful
#412  Our dear Sara!  Such a blessing in so many ways!
#413  Dear lives who invest in the lives of my children!
#414  Good rehearsals for Isaiah's concert and a growing courage to press through things that challenge him
#415  Finding my lab work results last night (late) and seeing some small things that remind me of my own frailty; low Vitamin D means soak up more sun! :)
#416  The long slow walk to our parking spot, which reminds me over and over and over again to slow down and SEE!
#417  my two boys walking hand in hand
#418  stopping to watch the squirrels
#419  roly-poly bugs
#420  Watching my son participate in his music class concert...and seem to enjoy it!  Huge steps of pressing through things that challenge him!
#421  helicopters, planes, trucks, buses, garbage trucks, and all other big machines that amaze my little boys
#422  my baby's delight in all things musical
#423  boys covered in sand from playing at the beach
#424  seashells--my older son loves to collect and my younger one had a thrill banging them around in a bucket to make noise
#425  my boys' personalities and gifts that are so different from each other that balance and sharpen the other
#426  the way Zeke's lips and cheeks look when we drinks out of his straws
#427  the sound of Isaiah's giggles when he is being tickled or wrestled
#428  the sweet little faces I get to look on as they sleep
#429  fun for both boys at a birthday party and seeing Isaiah grow in confidence and enjoy big social times
#430  quick falling asleep for the boys after lots of jumping and running around at the party
#431  Isaiah looking out for his little brother
#432  my baby's cheeks!  so soft and sweet and squishy :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joy Dare
May 20 - 27

#395  Two amazing opportunities we have been given in this season of life ahead!
#396  The excitement of adventures ahead and the peace God has given about fears
#397  Abandoning the plan when I realize my son needs something else, even if it doesn't fit my ideas of what I "should" do
#398  Good girl friends, and an evening to just enjoy time together
#399  Unexpected quiet time by myself at home when two sweet young friends took the boys out for breakfast and park time
#400  Missing my husband, and the boys missing their dad, which reminds us all what a treasure he is to us
#401  My husband returning home from his trip!
#402  Early end to the work day for my husband before a 3-day holiday weekend
#403  Really good time talking and connecting and processing life with dear friends we rarely get time with
#404  A smooth trip to get the baby's birth certificate
#405  My son's increasing boldness to make new friends and explore the world around him with a great sense of adventure
#406  A healthy check-up for the baby
#407  A really amazing physician for my kids