Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

I love seeing my boys bonding already! I'm really blessed to have such a great husband! He's been so great with the pregnancy, and Iknow he's going to be the best dad! He's already so good with the little guy. I couldn't ask for someone better to raise a family with!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Recurring Insanity

So, I often get these ideas/projects in my head that I think will be so great and not really that big to carry out. I don't know why I think they won't be huge because they always are!
I had a busy week this week with a lot going on, but we had some friends getting married this weekend, and they had decided to have a cake contest for their reception instead of the traditional cake, so of course, I thought this would be a great idea for me to participate in. And, of course, I had a vision. Well, having had such a busy week, I finally convinced myself of one compromise to make both parts of my cake the same instead of trying to pull off two different recipes as well. So, I was feeling rather proud of setting a limit for myself. :) Clearly, still not moving back into the realm of realistic expectation, though, as the cake probably took a total of about 7 hours! Thought I'd at least show the fruits of my labor with these photos. The groom is a sound engineer, and both of them actually do sound mixing at our young adult service at church, so it is supposed to be a little sound guy with headphones at a sound board. (The teal was one of their wedding colors.)
Now, don't get me wrong. It was fun. I do enjoy it. I think it reminds me of my Grandma Nila to make cakes and things like this. And, I did win the contest! :) It's just that maybe next time I will not try to cram one more "little" project into an already hectic week. It's seems doubtful, though, that I've learned my lesson. I never do.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bad Ideas

Curry during pregnancy.
Since I spent some of the earliest weeks of pregnancy in India, I have had a definitely decreased desire for Indian food the past few months. Sort of sad because I love Indian food! Usually, when we return from a trip, I could go ahead and eat Indian food the very next day. It took me over a month this time to even feel up for it. Mostly, it's the smell. The taste didn't really repulse me; I just wasn't ready to soak in the smell.
I still haven't gotten back to the place where I am eager for Indian food yet, but at least it is not a completely unappealing thought.
Well, tonight, I got dinner for John and me from a local Japanese food place. They tell you not to eat raw fish during pregnancy, so that limits much of the menu there. But, the food is really good, and they are especially focused on being healthy and organic with their ingredients and all, so I like to go there. Well, tonight, I thought I would try the veggie and tofu curry. I've never had it before, but I have had their chicken curry before, and it's quite good. And Japanese curry is different than Indian curry, so I was feeling optimistic. When I got into the car with the food, my optimism started to fade a bit because the smell was strong and a bit too reminiscent of Indian curry. Well, I got home and started to eat it, and it tasted quite good. I ate about half of it and closed up the rest to save for tomorrow. I don't think those leftovers are going to get eaten, though, because now my entire digestive system is staging a minor revolt. I say minor because I'm not puking or anything, but there is obvious displeasure on the part of my system! It's not good.
So, now there are several strikes against curry in its many forms. :(
I think I'll wait to have it in any form again until after Baby Snowden comes out!