Friday, January 30, 2009


Wow, big gap in blogging. Back at it...
I've been thinking a lot lately as I watch little Isaiah grow and develop and experience the world just how miraculous and amazing life is. Seeing the miracle of a new life is absolutely amazing, but it is also so exciting to experience the world around him! It is such a fresh reminder to me to see the wonder with which he encounters things I take for granted every day and to see the excitement as he gains new skills that I forget are even learned skills.
Right now Isaiah is very fascinated with leaves. Los Angeles is hardly a place known for being lush and green, but even living in the city here and walking the four blocks from our apartment to the church, I have noticed and been so surprised at how many different kinds of trees there are even just in that stretch! How many times have I walked that route and never even considered the creativity expressed in that? I don't remember ever before walking those few urban blocks with any sense of wonder. But now, as I watch my little boy gaze with amazement at all of the things he sees, I can't help but be filled with wonder as well.
It is so much fun to share in Isaiah's experiences and his encounters of so many things and places for the very first time. Just yesterday we walked to the library. On the way over, we stopped at the pet shop. They didn't have a lot of cuddly things for him to touch or look at, but they had a big glass case of parakeets, which he was so excited to watch! On the way home, we stopped at a local shop that makes their own soap and bath products, and he was chattering as we went in, surrounded by lots of new smells. The owner has a golden retriever, and I picked Isaiah up out of his stroller and squatted down. The dog was very gentle and slowly moved toward Isaiah's face and began licking all over his face. Isaiah sort of sputtered a bit and wasn't quite sure what to do with that "first." :) He didn't seem scared, just surprised. He proceeded to giggle most of the way home. Not sure what was so funny, but everything seemed to tickle him and send him into giggles.
On a funny "first," on Wednesday, I pulled out his sock monkey that my dear friend Jen gave him. He is just recently starting to enjoy stuffed animals and be able to grab them well. When I gave it to him, he giggled. Later in the day, he took it again and grabbed the little yarn tuft on its head and giggled again. Yes, Isaiah, sock monkeys are funny!